Monday, February 14, 2011


Last night, we decided to go on the Offensive spiritually on behalf of Jess and Birchcroft. We are going to metaphorically / prayerfully lower them down through the roof to our King with intense prayer and a 4 day fast. The fast is not mandatory, of course, and no one is to be discouraged for opting out. Intense obstacles require intense countermeasures. Our sister needs us. Birchcroft needs us.

Our prayer and fasting ends this coming Sunday at our house with a dinner (that will blow your mind, guaranteed), and conversations about our journeys.

March 26th Event:

Lauren Horten is organizing food and soccer equipment as well as the agenda for the day.

Elizabeth Marx & Kate Rouse are facilitating the acquisition of Toiletries / First Aid bags on the Renovatus end. Elizabeth, I need you to keep tabs with Lauren Wednesday to compare notes.

Sarah Calvert & Adam Pohlig are working logistics on what is actually needed for the bags.

The Method; we will get 150 empty bags to the church with a detailed list inside of what they need to be filled with. The congregation will return the bags filled and we will distribute them door by door.


Erica & Sostenes are spearheading our endeavor to support Chelsea and Steven's leadership. Teachers have started to roll in and I will get you their contact information as quick as I get it. Erica is responsible for communicating to the new recruits via email and making sure they are equipped and prepared.

We have decided to let them shadow the current ESL teachers for an indeterminate (as of yet) time until they naturally subdivide, so that the new teachers can get their bearings and give Chelsea the time she needs to get her mind around the changing environment.

Erica, you are working with Corey on details for shadowing and clarification of the ESL programs strategy and plan of action, as to not confuse new volunteers.

Sostenes, you are responsible for keeping lines of communication open with Stephen, and bringing needs to the group on his behalf.

So far, $200.00 were donated to the program by the end of the 1st service. I'm excited to see what happened after the 2nd. The church is opening up an account for us to keep and designate money for Birchcroft. As soon as we get the green light, we will purchase supplies / books that Chelsea and Stephen need for ESL.

Thomas, update on Library?

Anthi, I spoke to your boss Sunday about work space and that sounds like a viable option. You mind continuing communication on that regard. We can use the church van to move folks. I don't see a need to start that until Chelsea gets home.

Praise reports:
Renovatus has assimilated the vision for Birchcroft well I believe, and I'm so excited to see what God is up to as he leverages His Body into one particular direction.

Sostenes got a job. Woot woot!

Adam and Anthi will be wed in 23 days. Holy crap!

Spit to the West,