Thursday, December 2, 2010

Common Prayer

Well, it's safe to say that last night was not what I was expecting, but no matter.  It was still wonderful.  I've started to move through Common Prayer, and it's already giving me much food for thought.  Shout out to our Dusties.  We missed your faces.  That includes Kate too.


Disclaimer:  This will be no guilt in your absence this Holiday Season.  Just do what you need to do.  Hang with your families, and spread some love.

Also, this Wednesday, we will be going over some legistics.  I've spoken with our pastor, and we definitely have some things to go over.  We need to start with our leadership body though, so come and prepare to be open as we get our heads on straight.  Spiritual gifts and all that type of "strategerie."

I'm nuts about this group of folk.


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  1. Hey Mat. Loving the shout out. :) It really means a lot, actually. When I asked you about Shane last week, I had forgotten that The Birth had a performance at Messiah Church at 730. :( I should be able to make it next Wednesday, though, so I'm excited about that!

    Been meaning to give you my feedback from Thanksgiving at Birchcroft. Maybe I'll venture over to that post of yours and post another comment...