Sunday, October 24, 2010

Re-imagining Charlotte

What follows are the thoughtful notes, prayers, passions, and studies of a band of flawed and low servants in a Kingdom that is unseen, and is rising from the ground beneath us.  Currently, we are using the months of November and December to fast, pray, and seek after the Heart of God as it pertains to Justice in Charlotte, NC.  We've been charged by Jonathan Martin, whom we humbly follow, to steward a vision that we expect the Lord to give us.  Once He does, we will settle our sights into the fog, and run it down with all the faith we can afford.

In 2011, we will launch and execute a move of God using the hands and feet of Renovatus, and I've got to say, the thought of seeing God's presence break barriers and open doors and conquer rulers and free captives makes my head light with expectation.  I think I've become a junky.

I expect a lot of bumps and bruises along the way.  That's fine by me.  I've learned that the things in life worth working for are hard and hurt the most.

I am humbled to venture this journey with; my wife Katie, Tracey & Christine Keitt, Dennis & Lisa Boydstun, Elizabeth Marx, and Erica Johnson.  The story behind this team is as remarkable as they are, but for another time because I'm late for dinner and hungry.

I can not wait to see and hear and smell and taste what the Lord is up to.  I want my kid to grow up in the Land flowing with milk and honey, where all streams flow toward the Mountain of God.

We are inadequate, and underprepared, which is just how He likes it I'm pretty sure.

I like to call us...Justice Small Group!
...or...Renovatus Justice League.  I haven't decided.

Throw us a prayer every now and then, will ya?

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