Thursday, November 4, 2010

Justice Small Group: 11/03/2010

Last night was deep.  I feel like our wheels are starting to turn and it makes me excited.  The direction of our prayers and meditations this week go towards the Refugee Community at Birchcroft.  We are asking if this is the path we are to take, or are we supposed to clear it off the table.  Remember to pray for yourself primarily, and for the group.  Let God speak your language to you, and then come back to us next Wednesday and tell us what He said.  He doesn't need to speak blanket statements with us.  Let Him be as direct as He likes.

"Clothe the naked Christ - by your charity in the words and protecting the good names of others.  Give a home for the homeless Christ - by your making your own home a home of peace and joy and love, through your thoughtfulness for all and everyone in your family and your next door neighbour."

~Mother Theresa

We all got tickets to Shane Claiborne's conference here in Charlotte on December 1st on Common Prayer at Area 15, which I've got to say was spontaneous and wonderful.  It's not surprising though.  Our paths are directed for us.  Doors will be opened.  We'll get exactly what we need.  I can't wait to learn with you.

This week, Paulo is following up with our guy from Urban Eagles.  Just a quick conversation to keep his interest about speaking to us after the 17th.

Thoughts for us before we get back together; don't be afraid to put yourself out there.  This is totally a safe place.  Know and be known by each of us.  Teach us about your life and burdens.  Our purpose is to help you shoulder them.  We are each leaders with a limp, whose crutches are the man standing next to us. (Or know what I mean.)

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  1. Something the Lord has been uncovering, though I would share...

    I dream of justice, in the noblest of ways. I dream of justice when it looks like me. When it drips of what I want it to look like. I dream of justice when it is the faces that I want to touch, the wounds that I want to heal, the mouths that I want to feed. I dream of justice when it paints in my colors, when the hues match that of my heart, when I can look at it and say, "yes, this is justice." I also take great pride in this.I walk around like its not something that's already expected in being a follower of Christ, but like it is something particular of me. I label myself with signs that say "justice" instead of "Jesus." If I were to be more sincere, my label would say, "Justice when I feel like it and how I want it." I parade in my anger at people in the pornography industry, I demonstrate my defiance at modern day slave owners, I am disgusted with men who exploit women and their sacred bodies and I will, mind you, let you know how I feel about all of this. I dream of justice. Or should I correct myself and say, I dream of myself. My voice, my opinion, my fist raised at injustice. He says, "Take heart, I have overcome this world." He says, "You have been crucified with me, and it is no longer you who lives, but me, and the life in the flesh you live by faith in the ME, who loves you." I am sorry for making this about me. I am taking off the "Justice" label today, and replacing it with some ONE beautiful.