Friday, January 28, 2011

Staying Focused...

Thomas: Do you have any updates on Library space?

Anthi: Following up on tutoring space.

Anthi & Christine: No need to worry about curriculum research. We will cross that bridge with grant applications of we need to.

Christine & Tracey: Tell us about the grant writing process. What do you need? What is our time frame? Chelsea has already gotten a heads up that we might need her help to get you some of the information you may require.

Adam & Sarah: Medical / Toiletry supplies for March 26th. Let's start brainstorming what we are going to need and how we can get it. The group can organize it for the supplies once we have them, we just need to get them. Work your connections and lets see what we can come up with.

Everyone: I still need a leader to rise up to spearhead ESL from the Renovatus end. I also need someone to share leadership with me for the March 26th event. Someone who loves event planning. Pray and be bold. Jump on it.

We approach the church next Sunday. Start praying for our church to respond now.

I love our small group.

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