Monday, January 24, 2011

Where We Are Going

Renovatus Justice Small Group has 3 items on the docket for the review of our Pastor as of this morning:
1) ESL is underway, and we are currently working through legistics:  Classes meet every Monday from 4-6pm in Apt. F.  We need 6 Renovatians willing to help teach.  We need school supplies for both the classrooms and the students.  We are working out more space at the Library off Central.  We need to purchase additional 8 curriculum books (My First Message: A devotional Bible for Kids by: Eugene H. Peterson). 

ESL will be Renovatus first (of many) weekly steps into the neighborhood.  Once that is up and running, we will start something new, while maintaining and facilitating ESL.  Make sense?

2) March 26th; First community event.  We will be partnering with Mosaic Church to up-fit the kids soccer fields with new equipment, cookout and invite folks out of their homes, and provide them with a variety of toiletries / home medical supplies.
Quick Note: It turns out the grand U.S. of A. only provides immigrants around 6 months of health care, and then they are left to fend for themselves.  We thought this could also be an opportunity for our nurses to meet folks and help them with their medical needs.

3) April 30th; Second community event.  Spring cleaning event for general landscaping, taking flowers to folks in their homes, and cleaning communal spaces.  We are hoping by this point we will have had the opportunity to build relationships with neighbors, and thusly be allowed to enter their homes and clean for them.

Group Discussions:
I have requested two leaders to step forward to lead ESL from our end under the leadership of Chelsea.  Pray about it and get back to me.  We have to move quickly.  I will be facilitating the role in the meantime. 

For Accountability's Sake:
Each of us in our small group will be (eventually) required to pick up leadership of ONE service project in Birchcroft, and one project only.  Your other responsibility is to meet up with us in group so we can protect / refresh / pray / encourage / provide for you / and hold you accountable.  According to the Spirits leading, we each have to find time to regularly (however that looks) meet with folks in the neighborhood.  This makes your weekly commitments to the church manageable.  From my end, I will protect you from burn out at all costs.  We love you too much to burn you out.

Our small group makes my heart smile.



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  1. Thank you, Mat & Katie, our fearless leaders!! I love you guys!!