Friday, January 7, 2011

Wistle While You Work

Where's the bottle of champagne for the christening?  This ship is sailing.

Our first prerogative is to assist and streamline ESL and tutoring that is already taking place in Birchcroft.  The meetings thus far are on Monday nights from 4-6.  Below is an email I've received from Stephen you should take a look at.

I am forwarding you an email from our ESL leader.  The Lord is blessing our ESL class on Mondays and we now have 4 ESL teachers coming on a consistent basis (I believe Cori and maybe Amanda attend Renovatus).  At the beginning of this year we started a girls ESL class separate from the boys and we had 8 girls show up!!! It was incredible and 4 of them come from Muslim families.  Please pray for continual blessings on this new girls class!!!
As you will see in the email our ESL leader requested that she could use some help and it would really benefit our classes if we could get our hands on a few more of the Bible story books that she uses and some journals.  Is this something that you and Renovatus could help us with?  Just let me know...
Thanks brother! Sometime in the next few weeks you and I and Steve need to meet so we can fill you in on what has been happening in Birchcroft! Amazing movements of the Lord bro, healings, passion for Jesus spreading, it is incredible!!!
In Christ,
Stephen Jackson

I just got this this morning.  Again, I think it's amazing how God knits things together without us trying.  Lets promise to never fabricate this process and let the Spirit pilot.

I am working on tracking down 4 teachers and 2 additional stand by volunteers for Monday nights.

Possibilities of public space in the local library for overflow population.

Christine & Anthi: 

Tracking down working curriculum for Monday nights.    I need you ladies to use Stephen's contact info and touch base, making sure curricula mesh.

Additional Needs:
Discussion with Jonathan about possabilities of renting space in Birchcroft to pull off multiple events on site, and tentatively using Anthi and Adams place in the meantime.

We are making a commitment to take things slow and facilitate needs one at a time.  This is a long term relationship, and there's no need to rush it.  Lets do all things like we are doing it for Him, and we'll do just fine.  If you are getting antsy for some action, I understand.  Im the same way.  Take it upon yourself to meet some families, facilitate some small needs, drive some folks to church, etc.  Apart from that, coorperatly we will start with Tutoring and ESL.

Also, we are discussing next weekend when exactly we can move small group so we don't loose Katie H. or Erica.  I threw Sunday afternoon out there.  Two birds with one stone is how I see it :)

I love our small group.


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  1. Awesome so excited! I love the small group too. - Adam and Anthi